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Question about SAT Superscoring and the Common App

Hi friends! Quick question, does the Common App allow us to submit a superscore for the SAT, or do they require each individual score report? My SAT superscore is way better than any single sitting, so hoping colleges will see that.

8 months ago

Hello there! Great question. The Common App itself doesn't have a function to create a superscore for you. When you fill out your application, you'll enter all of your SAT test dates and the scores you received on each date. Then, it's up to each individual college to calculate your superscore if they practice that policy.

Some schools are super score-friendly and will mix and match your highest section scores from different test dates, while others may consider only your highest total score from a single sitting. Make sure to check each college's standardized testing policy on their admissions website to see if they superscore the SAT.

If they do superscore, they will use the highest scores you submit to them when making admissions decisions. Remember, always send your official SAT score reports through the College Board to meet the requirements of each college you're applying to. Best of luck with your applications!

8 months ago

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