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Any idea what essays are on the Common App this year?

I've heard from some friends about the Common App essays, but I'm not exactly sure what topics are up this year. Has anyone looked into it or where can I find this info? Gotta start brainstorming soon.

8 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're already thinking about your essays. The Common App essay prompts are indeed important, and it's good to familiarize yourself with them as early as possible.

This year's prompts can be found directly on the Common Application's website under the 'Apply' section, where they list 'Essay Prompts.' The prompts tend to stay fairly consistent from year to year with small adjustments, so you might see some familiar themes.

As an example, one popular prompt often asks students to share a story that is central to their identity. This allows for a wide range of topics and creativity, so you can choose the prompt that best fits your experiences and what you would like to convey to admissions officers. Collegevine can also help connect you with an essay reviewer, who can review your drafts!

8 months ago

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