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Applying to UMD - Common App or Separate Application?

So, I've got a list of colleges I want to apply to, and UMD is one of my top choices. I'm pretty much living on the Common App right now - can I apply to UMD through it or is there a different process I have to go through?

8 months ago

UMD does indeed accept the Common Application, which should simplify your process considering you are already familiar with it.

Applying through Common App can be advantageous as it allows you to efficiently manage and track your applications to multiple schools while submitting similar information. Just be sure to also complete any UMD-specific supplemental essays or requirements that may be listed on the Common App portal.

To give you a practical example, if a student had been active in community service, they’d not only list this under the activities section but also potentially reflect on its impact in the supplemental essay if that aligns with an essay prompt. This integrated approach showcases consistency in your application.

Additionally, UMD will have a section on the Common App where you can see if there are any additional materials they require. Best of luck with your application to the University of Maryland!

8 months ago

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