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Best way to showcase activities on Common App?

I'm getting ready to fill out the activities section of my Common App and I'm a bit stuck. How should I prioritize my extracurriculars, and are there any strategies for making them seem as impressive as possible without exaggerating?

8 months ago

It's great that you're giving this section careful thought. In the Common App, you can list up to 10 activities. Prioritize them based on what meant most to you and where you spent the most time; leadership roles and commitment over the years are particularly impactful. Think about quality over quantity.

Describing the impact you had in your activities is vital. Avoid overloading every description with fancy words - clarity is key. Use active verbs and quantify your achievements where possible. For instance, if you were involved in fundraising, mention how much money was raised and what it was used for. Be honest and concise; there's a fine line between presenting your successes positively and embellishing them. Admissions officers have read thousands of applications, so they can tell when a student is exaggerating.

Reflect on your true contributions and articulate them in a straightforward manner. This approach is not only more ethical but also more likely to resonate with readers who are looking for genuine students who will contribute to their campus community.

8 months ago

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