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Superscoring ACT on Common App: How Does It Work?

I've taken the ACT a few times and I'm trying to figure out how to superscore my ACT on the Common App. Can anyone explain how to represent my best subsection scores from different test dates on the application?

8 months ago

Hey there! Congrats on taking the ACT multiple times – that definitely shows your commitment. So, when you're applying to colleges that allow superscoring, here's what you do on the Common App: you'll need to enter each test date and the scores you received for each section separately. Afterward, the colleges that superscore will take your highest subsection scores from each test date to create your 'superscore'.

For example, if you scored a 28 in English in April and then a 30 in June, your superscore for English would be the 30. You do this for each section – Math, Reading, Science and Writing (if you took it). However, do keep in mind that not all colleges superscore, so you should double-check each school's policy. Some schools might require you to send all your test scores directly through the ACT, and then they’ll calculate the superscore themselves.

I recommend listing down the colleges you're applying to and checking their testing policies on their admissions websites or by giving them a call. Good luck with your applications!

8 months ago

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