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Deciphering course levels for Common App - is Pre-AP considered 'Honors'?

Hello folks! Quick question about how to list course levels on my Common App. I've taken some Pre-AP classes, so when I'm filling out the app, should I be listing these as 'Honors' level or is there a specific 'Pre-AP' option?

8 months ago

When you are filling out the Common App and inputting your coursework, you'll want to label your classes in a way that best aligns with the options provided by the platform. Typically, 'Pre-AP' courses are indeed considered a level above standard courses but do not reflect the rigor of an AP (Advanced Placement) class. Since there isn’t a specific 'Pre-AP' option, it’s generally advisable to classify 'Pre-AP' courses as 'Honors.'

This designation suggests to colleges that there was a higher level of rigor compared to a standard class, although it falls short of the college-level work in an AP class. Make sure to keep your course listings consistent and accurate. If your school has a specific policy on how to classify these courses on college applications, you should follow that guidance. Additionally, it's always a good idea to confer with your high school counselor to ensure your applications reflect the correct information about your courses.

8 months ago

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