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Yearbook Club in Common App – How to Stand Out?

I’m the editor for our school’s yearbook and have been involved since sophomore year. It has honestly been a big part of my high school life. Any advice on how to describe the yearbook club in a way that is unique and tells my story? I want admissions to get a real sense of my involvement. Thanks in advance!

8 months ago

Hello! Having been through the whole application adventure with my own kid, I'd suggest focusing on the impact you've had both on the yearbook and within your school community. Maybe there was a particular theme or layout change you championed that'll set this tenure apart. Also, discuss any challenges you've overcome – like last-minute changes or working with a tight budget, and how you've grown from those experiences.

Highlighting personal anecdotes, like an interview that stayed with you or a team-building activity you conducted, will help admissions officers see your personality. Remember to quantify your achievements whenever possible. For example, mention if you increased sales, expanded the yearbook’s distribution, or introduced digital elements that modernized the yearbook. Each of these points tells a compelling story about your leadership and initiative. Best of luck to you!

8 months ago

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