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Listing NHS Membership on Common App?

Hello everyone, I'm a bit confused and could use some help. I'm a proud member of the National Honor Society at my school, and I've been active in various community service projects. How should I input my NHS involvement on the Common App? Is it just another extracurricular, or does it have a special place because of its recognition?

8 months ago

Your active involvement in the National Honor Society (NHS) is certainly something to be proud of, and you should definitely list it as an extracurricular activity on the Common App. There isn't a special section reserved for NHS specifically, but you can highlight its significance in the description box provided for the activity.

Make sure to outline your responsibilities, the impact of your community service projects, and any leadership roles you've held within the organization. You could also mention any significant achievement or recognition you've received as part of your membership.

Remember, the quality of your participation and the contributions you've made are what will set this activity apart in your application, so be specific about your involvement. Best of luck with your application process!

8 months ago

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