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Is there a Common App essay for transfer students?

Hey everyone, I'm planning to transfer and I heard that the Common App has some kind of essay. Can someone clarify if there's a specific Common App essay for transfer students or how it's different from the first-year application essay?

8 months ago

Absolutely, there is a specific essay for transfer students on the Common Application. The transfer application provides a single essay prompt that asks you to explain your reasons for transferring and to describe the goals you hope to achieve: 'The personal statement helps colleges get to know you better as a person and a student. Please provide a statement discussing your educational path. How does continuing your education at a new institution help you achieve your future goals?'

Keep in mind that the word limit for the transfer essay is typically 650 words, the same as the first-year essay. This is your platform to convey your unique story and show how your experiences have led you to this point. It's a crucial part of your application, so be sure to reflect deeply on your reasons for transferring and how it ties in with your future goals. Drafting several versions and seeking feedback can help refine your essay into a compelling narrative.

If you feel that the transfer essay doesn't effectively tell your story, you also have the option of responding to the first-year essay prompts. The Common App has instructions for how to do this here: https://membersupport.commonapp.org/s/article/Common-App-for-transfer-personal-statement-changes

8 months ago

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