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Listing Honors in Common App

Hi friends! Quick question: how do I list my honors and awards in the Common App? There's not a lot of space, and I'm not sure what's considered 'impressive' enough to include. Would love some guidance here.

8 months ago

Hello! When listing your honors in the Common App, prioritize awards that are the most relevant and impressive — typically ones that are regional, national, or international in scope. If you have any that are particularly rare or prestigious, definitely include those. For instance, if you've been recognized as a National Merit Semifinalist or won a state science fair, those are worth mentioning.

You are limited to five slots, so you must be strategic. Consider what each honor might convey about you to an admissions officer: leadership, intellectual vitality, initiative, etc. You could also combine similar honors if needed to save space. For example, if you've received multiple band awards, you could list them as 'Multiple recognitions in state and regional band competitions.' Don’t forget to use active verbs and clear, concise descriptions. The quality of the honors is often more significant than the quantity, so highlight the ones that best represent your accomplishments and potential contributions to the colleges you are applying to.

8 months ago

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