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Do PSAT scores actually matter or are they just for practice?

Kinda stressed about this and could use some advice. I'm trying to figure out what PSAT scores actually mean for college admissions. Are they something that colleges look at, or are they just important for National Merit stuff? How should I interpret my scores in the grand scheme of things?

8 months ago

I completely understand the stress surrounding standardized tests – it’s a lot to manage. The main thing to keep in mind with PSAT scores is that they primarily serve two purposes: first, as you mentioned, they’re a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program, which can lead to recognition and scholarships for high-scoring students. Only your junior year PSAT scores are considered for the National Merit determination.

Secondly, the PSAT is useful as a practice for the SAT. It gives you a sense of the kinds of questions you'll encounter and a general idea of how you might score on the SAT. Colleges don’t see your PSAT scores in the admissions process; they will look at your SAT and/or ACT scores instead. Use your PSAT scores as a learning tool to guide your preparations for the actual SAT or ACT. And remember, it's a step in a longer journey – not the destination itself. Keep moving forward and use your PSAT experience to your advantage!

8 months ago

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