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Confused about 'No Grade' in the Common App. What does it signify?

Hi everyone, I was filling out the Common App and got to the Education section. Can someone explain what 'No Grade' means in this context? Does it refer to a class I took pass/fail, or is it for a class without a traditional grading system? I don't want to mess this part up.

8 months ago

Hi there! I'm glad you reached out for clarification on this aspect of the Common App – it's important to get things right. The 'No Grade' option in the Education section of the Common App is indeed intended for situations where a traditional grade wasn't given for a class. This could be for classes that you took on a pass/fail basis, or for courses where your school uses a non-traditional grading system that doesn't equate to the standard A-F letter grades.

For instance, if your school offers a course that is assessed with written evaluations instead of grades, you'd select 'No Grade' for that course. It's helpful to provide additional information in the 'Additional Information' section to explain the grading system further if you think it could be unclear to the admissions office. This way, colleges will have the context they need to understand your academic record. Be accurate and transparent, and you'll be just fine!

8 months ago

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