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Could a darker-themed college essay backfire on me?

I've been through some pretty dark times and I've grown a lot from those experiences. I want to share this in my essay, but I'm concerned it might be too heavy for the admissions office. How dark is too dark for a college essay topic?

8 months ago

Your concern is quite common, but let's unpack it a bit. Admissions officers are indeed human, but they're also professionals trained to judge the content of an essay by its merit, not just by its mood.

While your essay can delve into serious topics, it's important to ensure that it doesn't leave the reader with a sense of hopelessness or concern for your well-being.

Instead, you'll want to emphasize your resilience and growth, as colleges are very interested in how applicants have overcome their challenges rather than just the challenges themselves. Think of your essay like a narrative that has a difficult beginning but leads to personal development and a more positive ending.

For example, if you're discussing a significant personal loss, highlight how it led you to appreciate your relationships more deeply or pursue new, meaningful activities or causes. Your ability to reflect on your experiences with maturity and insight is what can ultimately turn a 'dark' essay into a compelling piece of your application.

8 months ago

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