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What's a strong PSAT score for a sophomore aiming for top colleges?

Hi guys, I'm a sophomore and starting to stress about my college prep. Just took the PSAT 10 and I'm waiting for my scores. Like, what would be considered a good PSAT 10 score if I'm aiming for top-tier universities? Should I be worrying about this now, or is it too early?

8 months ago

First off, it's great that you're beginning to think about your college preparation early on! As for the PSAT 10, while each student's definition of a 'strong' score can vary, generally speaking, a score in the 90th percentile or above is noteworthy, especially if you're looking at top-tier universities. For context, this usually translates to a score of 1220 to 1520. Keep in mind, though, that colleges do not see your PSAT scores; these are primarily for your own benefit, to gauge where you're at and to practice for the SAT.

However, it's important not to overemphasize these early scores. Right now, focus on understanding the types of questions asked and identifying areas where you can improve. If you're already scoring in a higher percentile, fantastic—you're on the right track. If not, you've got time to prepare before taking the actual SAT or ACT, which are the scores that colleges will consider for admissions. Also remember that developing a strong GPA, challenging yourself academically with rigorous courses, and engaging deeply with a few extracurricular activities are all critical components of a strong college application.

8 months ago

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