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Stressed about Stanford: Is a 1490 SAT good enough?

Hey guys, just got my SAT score back and I’m sitting on a 1490. Stanford's been my dream school for a really long time, but I'm not sure if my score is competitive enough. Considering their crazy high standards, do you think I should retake the SAT or focus on other parts of my application?

8 months ago

Congratulations on achieving a 1490 on your SAT! That's a strong score and is above the national average. It’s important to remember that Stanford, like most competitive institutions, does not have a strict cutoff for standardized test scores. Your score is close to the middle 50% range of admitted students to Stanford, which is approximately 1500-1570.

This means your score is close to the competitive range, albeit slightly outside. If you believe you could significantly improve on a retake, it could be worth considering, especially if you felt that on the test day, there were external factors that impacted your performance.

However, if you feel that this score is an accurate reflection of your abilities, you might benefit more from focusing on other aspects of your application, such as your essays, activities list, and letters of recommendation, which can showcase your talents and passions beyond standardized testing. You have a strong SAT score, and with a well-rounded application, you have a good platform to build from.

8 months ago

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