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Previewing the Common App before submission -- How?

I want to double-check my application before I hit submit, but I'm not totally sure how the preview function works on the Common App. Can someone walk me through how to preview the entire application? I'm a little OCD and just want to make sure everything is perfect.

8 months ago

I understand your eagerness to ensure everything on your application is accurate before submission; it's a very prudent step. To preview your Common App, you'll need to complete every section that's marked with a red asterisk, as these are required. Once all required sections are filled, you can click on the 'Review and Submit' section for each college to which you're applying.

In the 'Review and Submit' section, there is a 'Preview' button that you can click to see a PDF version of your application. This PDF will display exactly what your application will look like to the admission officers. I recommend checking for formatting issues, proofreading for any spelling or grammatical errors, and ensuring that all of your information appears as intended. Don’t forget to also look over your essay to see if it retains the proper paragraph breaks and formatting, as sometimes copying and pasting text can lead to unexpected issues. Once satisfied, you’ll be ready to submit.

Best of luck, and great job being thorough!

8 months ago

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