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What math does the PSAT cover, and how should I prepare?

Okay, so math isn't exactly my strong suit, and I'm getting a bit stressed about the PSAT. Can someone fill me in on what types of math questions are on the PSAT? Also, if you have any prep tips or resources that helped you, please share!

8 months ago

I understand that math can be a bit daunting, but with the right approach, you can master the PSAT math sections. The PSAT covers two math sections, one that allows use of a calculator and one that does not. As for content, it includes algebra, problem-solving and data analysis, some advanced math concepts like quadratic functions, and also touches on topics like geometry and trigonometry.

For preparation, it's beneficial to start by reviewing the basics and then gradually tackling more complex problems. The College Board website has sample questions and practice tests available, which are excellent resources. I also recommend Khan Academy, which has partnered with the College Board and offers a PSAT prep course. Practicing there can be tailored to your current skill level and targets areas where you need improvement.

Additionally, timing yourself while practicing can help you get used to the pace you'll need during the exam. Keep a positive mindset and aim to do a little each day. This way, you build your skills over time without becoming overwhelmed. Good luck!

8 months ago

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