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Is a 1090 PSAT score good enough or should I be concerned?

Feeling slightly stressed out here... I scored a 1090 on the PSAT and not sure if that's solid. Can anyone share what scores are typically competitive for college admissions? What's a good improvement goal for the next PSAT?

8 months ago

Hi there! First of all, take a deep breath. A 1090 isn't a score to be concerned about, especially if this was your first time taking the PSAT. This score gives you a baseline to work from, and with focused practice, you can definitely improve. A 'competitive' score can vary widely depending on the colleges you're aiming for. The PSAT is out of 1520, and typically, scores over 1400 are considered competitive for selective schools. However, many great colleges have a wide range of accepted scores.

For improvement, consider targeting a 200-point increase, which is ambitious but achievable with dedication. Start by identifying the types of questions you missed most often and focus your study on those areas. Whether it's vocabulary, algebra, or critical reading, there are plenty of resources, like practice books and online tutorials, that can help you improve. Practice, practice, practice! And remember, the PSAT is also a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship, so improving your score can have additional benefits. Keep your head up; you're just getting started!

8 months ago

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