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How high can you score on the PSAT?

As I'm prepping for the PSAT, I'm wondering what the highest score possible is? Just want to set a realistic goal for myself. Can someone break down the scoring system a bit for me? Thanks!

8 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're setting goals for your PSAT. The highest score you can achieve on the PSAT is 1520. The test is scored on a scale from 320 to 1520, with two sections: Math, and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing. Each section is scored between 160 and 760, and they are then combined for your total score. To dig a bit deeper, each section also has a 'Selection Index' which ranges from 48 to 228, used primarily for National Merit Scholarship qualifications.

Remember that the PSAT is a practice test for the SAT, and although it's scored slightly differently, the structure of the questions and the content covered are very similar. Aiming high is excellent, but also aim to learn from the experience and understand your strengths and weaknesses, as even if your raw score isn't quite what you'd like, the practice should still give you a clear sense of how to move forward so that you can get that top mark on the real thing. Best of luck with your PSAT prep!

8 months ago

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