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How significant is the PSAT for college admissions?

Just a little bit stressed about balancing my prep for standardized tests. Should I be investing a lot of time into preparing for the PSAT or is it not that important in the grand scheme of college admissions?

8 months ago

Understandably, standardized tests can be a source of stress, but it's great that you're thinking ahead about how to manage your test prep effectively. Regarding the PSAT, its primary significance lies in its potential to qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship Program if you score within the top percentile in your state.

However, just so you know, colleges don't use the PSAT scores for admissions decisions. The PSAT is designed to be a practice test for the SAT, which will have a more direct influence on college admissions. My advice? Use the PSAT as a learning tool to identify areas where you can improve for the SAT or ACT. But, there's no need to invest an excessive amount of time preparing for it at the expense of your other studies or well-being.

Focus your energy more on the SAT or ACT, your coursework, and extracurricular activities, which will have a greater impact on your college applications. Remember, the PSAT is just one step in your larger academic journey, so try to keep a balanced approach. Best of luck in your preparations!

8 months ago

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