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Can I Apply to Montclair State Through the Common App?

Alright, quick question for the hive mind here - I'm trying to figure out if Montclair State University is on the Common App. Anyone know? It would make life a little easier if it is.

8 months ago

Yes, Montclair State University does participate in the Common Application system. Just log in to your Common App account, add Montclair State to your list of schools using the "College Search" tab, and then you'll be able to fill out and submit your application by clicking on Montclair State under the "My Colleges" tab. Do remember to check for any additional requirements that Montclair State might have, like supplemental essays or specific recommendation letters, as remember that even within the Common App system, each college can request information outside of the basics that are sent to every college.

Best of luck with your application to Montclair State!

8 months ago

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