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How early should I start working on my Common App?

As the second semester starts, I'm thinking about when I should begin tackling my Common App. Is it too early to start now, or should I be using this time to get a head start? I'd love to hear when you guys started or are planning to start.

8 months ago

It's wonderful that you're thinking ahead about your Common App! Starting early can give you an ample amount of time to reflect on your experiences, brainstorm essay topics, and edit your writing. Many students begin working on their applications during the summer before their senior year, but there’s no harm in starting to brainstorm earlier.

By starting now, during the second semester of your junior year, you can create a timeline for yourself to work on different parts of the application, such as gathering your activity list and considering who to ask for letters of recommendation.

For the essay portion, starting early allows you to draft multiple versions and receive feedback, which can lead to a more polished final product. Remember, it’s not a race—while early preparation can relieve some stress down the line, ensure that you balance it with your current schoolwork and personal well-being. Good luck!

8 months ago

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