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When do PSAT scores typically get released?

Hey everyone, just getting a bit anxious here. I took my PSAT a couple of weeks ago and I'm wondering, how long does it usually take for the scores to come back? I feel like it's taking forever, and I just want to see how I did so I can plan my study schedule for the SAT more effectively! Is there a standard timeline or does it vary?

8 months ago

I totally understand the anticipation of waiting for PSAT scores—it's a big step in preparing for the SAT. Typically, PSAT scores are released in early to mid-December. This timeline can slightly vary, but that’s the general window. When they are available, the scores are released online through the College Board's website. Students should receive an email notification once their scores are ready to be viewed. Just make sure to have your College Board account information handy so you can log in and check right away.

In the meantime, even without your PSAT scores, you can go through practice SAT questions, or even time yourself for an informal mock sitting. The actual score will help give you a sense of how much effort you'll need to put in to get the score you're hoping for, and which sections you'll want to focus the most energy on, but you can start building up your general foundation of knowledge for the test now.

Keep it up, you're on the right track!

8 months ago

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