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Is a 34 ACT worth retaking?

Hi friends! I got my ACT results and scored a 34. Super happy about it, but I’ve heard some of my dream schools have really high standards. Do you think it’s necessary to retake the ACT to try for a perfect 36, or is a 34 already competitive enough for top-tier colleges?

8 months ago

Congratulations on scoring a 34 on your ACT! That is an exceptional score and well within the range for top-tier colleges. Typically, a 34 is considered to be highly competitive, and for many institutions, it is above the 75th percentile for admitted students. It can be helpful to look at the specific ACT ranges for the schools you're interested in. For example, if their 25th to 75th percentile range is 32-35, a 34 places you well within that spectrum.

That said, the decision to retake the ACT should be based on a few factors. Are there sections you feel you can significantly improve with additional preparation? Also, consider the time and effort required for retaking the test versus using that time to strengthen other parts of your application, such as your essays or extracurricular involvement.

If you have a specific program or scholarship in mind that explicitly recommends a higher score, it may be worth trying to achieve a 36. However, in most scenarios, the marginal benefit of increasing from a 34 to a 36 may be limited compared to concentrating on other aspects of your application. Remember, the admissions process is multifaceted and will take into account much more than just your ACT score.

8 months ago

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