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ACT Dilemma: Retake after scoring a 28?

So I just received my ACT score, and I got a 28. I've been aiming for some pretty selective schools and I’m worried this might not cut it. What are your thoughts on retaking the ACT for a better score, is it worth the effort and time or should I put more energy into my essays and ECs?

8 months ago

Firstly, congratulations on your score! A 28 is a solid achievement and you should be proud of that. Now regarding whether or not you should retake the ACT, it really depends on the middle 50% ACT scores for the selective schools you're targeting. If your current score falls below that range, then retaking the ACT might be beneficial if you believe you can raise your score.

However, I encourage you to reflect on your test prep and performance to see if there may be areas you can improve on practically. Did you have enough time to study? Were there certain sections that brought down your score significantly? Preparing for a retake can be a good strategy if you have a clear plan for improvement. On the other hand, it's important to balance your time effectively.

Strong essays and extracurriculars can also make a substantial impact on your application. If you choose not to retake the ACT, focus on showcasing your unique qualities and achievements in those areas. Remember, the goal is to create the most compelling application possible, which often means highlighting strengths across various components, not just test scores.

8 months ago

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