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What are the advantages of using the Common App?

Hey folks! So I'm planning my application strategy and I've heard a lot about the Common App. Can anyone tell me the real benefits of using the Common App over individual school applications? Does it save that much time, or is it more about the organization aspect? Wondering how to balance my time effectively during application season.

8 months ago

Hey there! I'm thrilled to hear you're getting prepared for application season. The Common App is quite a handy tool for applying to multiple colleges. First off, it definitely saves time because you can submit the same basic information to several colleges without having to re-enter it each time. This is particularly useful when you're juggling high school assignments and extracurriculars.

Another advantage is the streamlined organization; it keeps all your college application materials in one place, which can significantly reduce the stress of keeping track of various documents and deadlines. And don't forget, there's also a section for your main essay, which is sent to all the colleges you apply to through the platform, saving you from having to write a new essay for each application.

Schools often require supplemental essays, but even with those, the Common App helps by listing each one's requirements. It's truly about maximizing efficiency during an undeniably hectic part of your high school career. Best of luck!

8 months ago

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