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Self-reporting standardized test scores on Common App—is it a must?

Hi fellow juniors, I’m trying to figure out if I should self-report my ACT/SAT scores on the Common App. My scores are pretty good but not stellar. How do colleges view self-reported scores, and is it better to report them or just let my transcript and extracurriculars speak for me?

8 months ago

Hello! I totally understand your concern, as this can be a confusing a stressful time. It really depends on the college to which you're applying. Some schools are test-optional, which means you don't have to submit test scores if you believe other parts of your application are stronger. However, if your scores are within or close to the middle 50% range of admitted students' scores at the colleges on your list, it could be beneficial to include them.

For those colleges that do require or recommend test scores, self-reporting on the Common App can save money on sending official score reports until you're admitted. Choosing to report scores that are in line with your target schools can end up being a positive choice. It also shows confidence in your whole academic record, including test-taking abilities. If you choose to report, make sure you eventually send the official reports to the colleges where you're admitted and decide to attend. Good luck!

8 months ago

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