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How do I showcase my passion project on the Common App?

So I've been working on this passion project for a couple of years now and it's a big part of who I am. Where should I talk about my passion project in my Common App to make sure admissions officers understand its importance to me?

8 months ago

That's a fantastic question, highlighting your passion project is indeed very crucial to your application! The Activities section of the Common App is a great place to list your passion project, especially if you’ve devoted a significant amount of time to it. Make sure you choose the right category that best fits your project. If your project doesn't neatly fit into one of the preset categories, 'Other Club/Activity' is always a safe bet.

Moreover, if your project had a substantial impact on you or others, consider reflecting on it in your essay. This could be either your personal statement or the additional information section. The essay gives you more space to elaborate on the project’s significance, the challenges you faced, and the skills you gained.

For instance, if you developed an app to assist the visually impaired in your community, this can provide a compelling storyline for your personal statement, tying in your interests in technology and community service. Remember to highlight your personal growth, initiative, and impact.

No matter where you choose to feature your passion project, be clear about your role, the time invested, and the impact. Admissions officers value authenticity and commitment, so let those shine through in your description!

8 months ago

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