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Confused about Common App fees—help?

I've been saving up to pay for my college applications, but I'm not entirely sure how the payment process works on the Common App. Does anyone know the steps for paying the Common App fee, and are there fee waivers available for students with financial hardships?

8 months ago

Absolutely, I can help clarify that for you! When you're ready to submit your application on the Common App, you'll be prompted to pay the application fee for each college right before submission. This can be done via credit card or other payment methods they provide. Each college sets their own fee, so they can vary quite a bit.

Now, if you're concerned about the costs—and many students are—you might be eligible for a fee waiver. The Common App offers fee waivers for students who meet certain criteria like qualifying for free/reduced lunch, or participating in programs like Upward Bound. Your counselor can also provide a fee waiver if you're facing financial hardship. Just check off the fee waiver request on your profile, and follow the instructions to confirm your eligibility.

An example of when a fee waiver would be used could be a student who has received a fee waiver for the SAT due to low family income; this same waiver could make them eligible for college application fee waivers as well. Hope this helps and best of luck with your applications!

8 months ago

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