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Do colleges always have supplemental essays?

Hey guys, just trying to plan out my workload. Does every college ask for supplemental essays or are there some that only need the main Common App essay? Does it vary much between schools?

8 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're planning ahead. To answer your question, not all colleges require supplemental essays—it really does depend on the school. Many highly selective colleges will ask for supplementary essays because they want to get a more targeted sense of how your background aligns with their particular values and campus culture. However, there are still plenty of colleges that do not ask for additional writing beyond the main Common App essay.

For instance, some state universities and smaller schools may only require the Common App essay or have their own application without supplemental essays. It's important to check each college's admissions website or the Common App portal to find out what is required by each school you're applying to. Creating a spreadsheet early on of your supplemental essays will ensure you haven't lost track of anything, and help you budget your time. Happy planning!

8 months ago

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