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Common App for Texas A&M Applications?

Yo, so I’m starting to stress a bit about all these applications. Need to know—does Texas A&M accept the Common App or are they sticking to their own system? Fingers crossed they accept it because that would seriously make my life easier.

8 months ago

Hey there! I absolutely understand that the college application process can be overwhelming. To answer your question, yes, Texas A&M accepts the Common App! They made the switch a few years back, so you're in luck. Now you can add Texas A&M to your list of schools in the Common App, which makes managing your applications a lot simpler. Just make sure you've got all the specific essays and requirements for Texas A&M checked off as you go through your application.

If you're looking for some more detailed information or guidance, the admissions page on Texas A&M's website provides a comprehensive breakdown of what they're looking for. Best of luck with your application, and remember, you've got this!

8 months ago

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