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Is it too superficial to write my college essay about makeup and self-expression?

Makeup is a big part of my artistic expression and self-discovery, and I was playing with the idea of making it the heart of my college essay. I'm just stressed it might seem too superficial to the admissions committee. Would that be the case?

8 months ago

Absolutely not! Colleges are looking for essays that reflect who you are and what you’re passionate about. If makeup is your form of artistic expression, then it's a legitimate topic. What matters is how you frame your essay. The focus should be on your journey of self-discovery, creativity, and how makeup has played a significant role in shaping your identity.

For example, if conceiving of and executing makeup designs has taught you about the importance of attention to detail, share that. The key is to connect your love for makeup to larger skills and insights that are relevant to college success. Remember, a unique and well-written essay on an uncommon topic can often be more memorable than a typical response. So go ahead and let your passion for makeup shine through your words!

8 months ago

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