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Could a college essay about losing friends come across as negative?

The theme of lost friendships and what I've learned from those experiences was what I had in mind for my essay. But I'm worried it could be interpreted as negative or that I'm unable to maintain relationships. Is that a valid concern?

8 months ago

It's definitely a valid concern to consider the tone of your essay; however, remember that adversity can lead to profound personal growth and self-awareness, which are qualities colleges look for in applicants. Instead of focusing on the loss itself, you could emphasize what those experiences taught you about empathy, resilience, or communication. For example, if you've developed better conflict resolution skills or a deeper understanding of different perspectives, that could show maturity and personal development.

Make sure to conclude on a positive note, highlighting not what you've lost, but what you've gained and how it's prepared you for college. Colleges are keen to understand who you are now and how your experiences have shaped you. They're less concerned with the specific events than with the outcomes and what kind of college community member you will be. Your essay might even stand out more for its honest reflection on a universal human experience—just ensure it reflects growth and positivity.

8 months ago

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