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Is third person narrative a no-go for college essays?

I had this quirky idea to write my college essay from a third-person perspective to give it a storybook vibe. Is that too out there, or do admissions officers appreciate that kind of creativity? Could use some advice here.

8 months ago

Hey there! Your creativity is shining through just in pondering a third-person narrative for your essay—how neat! Generally speaking, college essays are the canvas where your personality and unique voice should come to life. While a third-person perspective is definitely less conventional, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically off the table. Admissions officers typically appreciate creativity when it’s executed well and serves a purpose that enhances your story.

The key is to ensure that this choice of perspective helps to convey something meaningful about you. I've seen students successfully employ unique narratives when they genuinely align with the story they want to tell. Remember, though, that the focus of the essay should remain on you and your personal development, even when you're using a creative approach.

If the third-person narrative feels natural and adds depth to your story, it might just be the ticket to stand out. Yet, like any creative risk, it needs to be well crafted to hit the right note. So if you do go this route, seek feedback from teachers or mentors to ensure it’s striking the right chord!

8 months ago

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