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How does a 1050 PSAT score stack up for a freshman?

Ok, so I just got my PSAT results and it's a 1050. I'm in 9th grade and wondering how this measures up? Is this a decent baseline? What kind of improvement did you guys see over time, and what did you do to improve?

8 months ago

Congratulations on taking the initiative to start early with your PSAT! A score of 1050 as a freshman is a solid starting point. Typically, students see an improvement in their scores as they progress through high school because they become more familiar with the test format and their academic knowledge expands.

For improvement, creating a study plan that focuses on your weaker areas can be quite beneficial. You might want to consider using free online resources, such as Khan Academy, which partners with the College Board to provide targeted PSAT practice. Regular reading and practicing math problems can also help boost your score, as these are fundamental skills the PSAT assesses.

Further, taking challenging courses in school, such as honors or AP classes, can provide you with a strong foundation for the skills needed on the PSAT and eventually the SAT. Remember, steady and consistent practice over time is key. Good luck, and keep up the good work!

8 months ago

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