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Is there a set number of prompts to choose from for the Common App essay?

Hey folks, pretty stressed junior here trying to plan my summer around prepping college stuff, and I’m kinda clueless about the essay part. Can anyone tell me how many prompts the Common App usually provides? I want to brainstorm and maybe get started on a few drafts early.

8 months ago

Hey there! It's wonderful that you're being proactive about your college essay. The Common App typically offers seven prompts for the personal essay. These prompts are designed to cover a wide range of topics, so most students find one that resonates with their experiences or thoughts. You'll find that one of the prompts allows you to write on a topic of your choice, which is particularly flexible if you have a unique idea you'd like to explore.

Starting early is a great way to ensure you have ample time to reflect on your life experiences, draft your thoughts, and revise your essay. Remember, the essay is your chance to show colleges a bit of your personality and what makes you, well, you! Pick a prompt that you feel you can write honestly and passionately about rather than one you think admissions officers want to hear. It's always helpful to ask for feedback on your drafts, perhaps from a teacher or mentor who knows you well, to ensure your voice and message are clear. Best of luck with your writing, and take it one step at a time!

8 months ago

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