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Addressing the reader directly in my college essay – yay or nay?

Hello friends! I've got a style query for ya. Is it cool to speak directly to the reader in my college essay? Does it make the essay seem more personal, or is it seen as too informal or gimmicky? Would love your thoughts on this.

8 months ago

Hey there! It's super fun experimenting with different writing styles for your college essay. Addressing the reader directly can indeed add a personal touch, grabbing the reader's attention.

However, it's crucial to execute this technique effectively. If done well, it can establish a conversational tone and create an immediate connection with the admissions officer. Think of it like adding a dash of spice to a meal—just enough can enhance the flavor, but too much might overpower the dish.

For example, a student I worked with began her essay with a rhetorical question aimed at the reader. This approach drew the reader in and set the stage for a compelling narrative about her personal growth through community service. That said, it's also essential to maintain a sense of formality and respect for the admissions process. If you can balance the personal with the professional, and it fits naturally within your story, go for it! Good luck with your writing!

8 months ago

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