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What time do PSAT scores come out during the day?

As the title suggests, I'm on edge waiting for my PSAT scores to drop. Does anyone know what time they typically release them? Is it early morning, or do I have to wait until the afternoon? Just trying to plan my freak out session accordingly lol.

8 months ago

Hey there! It's completely normal to feel a bit on edge about waiting for your PSAT scores – remember, many students are in the same boat as you. Typically, PSAT scores aren't released at a universal time through the day. The College Board starts rolling them out early morning but the process continues throughout the day, potentially even spanning a few days for all test-takers to receive their results.

A good practice is to check your College Board account periodically starting from around 8 AM Eastern Time on the day scores are set to be released. If they're not there right away, don't stress! Sometimes the servers experience high traffic and it could take a little while. Moreover, your school might receive the scores a bit earlier and they might post them or email them to you. So, if you don't see your scores online right away, you might also want to check with your school's guidance office.

Make sure you also have your College Board login details handy to avoid any last-minute hitches. And hey, try to take it easy - the waiting is the hardest part, but your score is just one piece of your larger academic journey!

8 months ago

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