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Is it possible to edit my Common App essay topic after submission?

Hey folks, I'm freaking out a bit here. I submitted my Common App to a few colleges already, but I've had this nagging feeling that I chose the wrong essay prompt. Can I change my essay topic for the colleges I haven't submitted to yet, or even better, is there a way to resend a revised essay to the colleges I’ve already applied to?

8 months ago

Hey there, no need to panic! For the colleges you haven't submitted to yet, you can absolutely choose a different essay prompt and write a new essay. The Common App system allows for that kind of editing before you hit the submit button for each individual school.

For the colleges you've already applied to, though, it’s generally not possible to send in a revised essay. Admissions offices typically don't accept updated applications or supplemental materials once your application has been submitted.

However, if there is a significant reason for the update, such as a glaring mistake or a major life event that needs to be included, you could reach out to the admission offices directly for guidance.

But in most cases, it’s best to focus on ensuring your upcoming applications are polished and to learn from the experience for future submissions.

8 months ago

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