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What's a good PSAT score range for freshmen aiming high?

Hey folks, need some advice! Got a 940 on my PSAT as a freshman and wondering if I'm on the right track? How can I use this score to gauge my performance for future standardized tests, and what should my target score increase be for next year?

8 months ago

Hey there! As a freshman, getting a 940 on your PSAT is a solid start, especially this early in your high school journey. Remember, the PSAT is structured to reflect the SAT, so it's a good barometer for where you might stand if you took the SAT right now. A score of 940 already puts you above the typical range for freshmen, which is usually 800-950. As you're aiming high, look towards the 75th percentile scores for sophomores and juniors, which tend to be around 1060-1100 and 1180-1200 respectively.

For future tests, focus on incremental progress. Aim to improve your score by 100-200 points each year. This is an achievable goal with consistent study and preparation. To get there, you could consider identifying your weaker areas from this PSAT and concentrating on those during your practice. Using online resources, prep books, or perhaps a prep course can also be beneficial. Remember, each step forward is progress. Keep up the diligent work, and you'll likely see your scores climb. Keep pushing forward!

8 months ago

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