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Is there a science section on the PSAT?

I've been practicing for the PSAT and I know there's Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, but I haven't seen anything about a science section? Is that part of the test or am I mixing it up with another exam?

8 months ago

Hey there! It's great to see you're getting a head start on preparing for the PSAT. To answer your question directly: No, the PSAT does not include a dedicated science section. It sounds like you might be thinking of the ACT, which does have a section specifically labeled 'Science.' The PSAT is divided into two main sections, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math.

While there is no distinct science section, some of the passages in the reading sections may be science-related, and you'll need to use your critical thinking skills to interpret graphs and data. So, your preparation should focus on honing your reading comprehension, grammar, and math skills. Best of luck on your test; you're going to do great!

8 months ago

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