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Missed the PSAT – any chance for a do-over?

Oops, I wasn't feeling well on test day and missed the PSAT. Is there a make-up date, or do I have to wait till next year? I'm a bit stressed because I don't want this to mess up my prep for the SAT.

8 months ago

First off, it's great that you're taking your SAT prep seriously and considering how the PSAT can help in that process! Fortunately, there is a process for students who miss the PSAT to take a makeup test, but it depends on a few factors. Most schools administer a make-up PSAT approximately two weeks after the initial test date. However, it's important to check in with your school's guidance office as soon as you can to see if they are offering a makeup test and if you qualify to take it.

If a make-up test isn't available at your school, or if you don't meet the criteria to take it, don't stress too much about it. The PSAT is a preliminary test and its primary function is to qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Program. It is a useful tool for SAT preparation, but missing it won't ruin your chances of doing well on the SAT. You can use other prep materials such as SAT prep books, online resources, and practice tests. Many students prepare for the SAT without having taken the PSAT and still achieve impressive scores. Just make sure to start your prep early and build a consistent study schedule to cover all the test materials.

Wishing you the best with your preparations!

8 months ago

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