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How exactly does the fee waiver signature work on the Common App?

Okay, so I'm kind of confused about the fee waiver aspect of the Common App. I think I qualify for a fee waiver but what's with the signature part? Do I need to get a signature from somebody at school, like a counselor or can I just check a box and move on? If anyone's been through this part and could share some insight, that'd be amazing!

8 months ago

I'm glad to see you're looking into the fee waiver—it can really alleviate some of the financial strain of the application process! So, here's the lowdown: if you believe you qualify for a fee waiver based on the Common App's criteria (such as qualifying for the National School Lunch Program, being enrolled in a federal, state, or local program that aids students from low-income families, or your family is receiving public assistance), you'll indeed check a box indicating your eligibility.

Once you've done that, your counselor will confirm your eligibility by providing their signature. It's a digital process, so no need to get anything on paper. Your counselor will sign off through the Common App's counselor section, essentially verifying that you meet the criteria for the waiver. It streamlines the process for you and the colleges. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your school counselor to get this portion completed; they are there to help you through this process!

8 months ago

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