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Would discussing my family's financial struggles in my college essay be a bad move?

I'm a bit anxious about this, but I've faced some significant financial challenges growing up. Do you think talking about money and how it's shaped my worldview would come off as compelling or just cliché in a college essay?

8 months ago

That's absolutely not a bad move! It's important to share personal stories that have significantly shaped who you are, and financial struggles are a significant part of many students' lives. The key to making that topic compelling rather than clichéd is your framing of these experiences.

Focus on the resiliency, problem-solving, and creativity that you've developed as a result of these challenges. For example, if you’ve been involved in community service or work that's related to financial advocacy or if your experiences have driven you to excel academically with limited resources, those are strong points to highlight.

Admissions committees want to see how you've grown from your experiences and how those experiences will contribute to their campus community. Be authentic and reflective in your essay, and you'll make a strong impression.

Just avoid making it simply a list of hardships; rather, talk about how these challenges have shaped you into a proactive and thoughtful individual. Colleges aren't looking for perfect lives; they're looking for real, multifaceted individuals ready to take on the world!

8 months ago

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