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Can updates be made to the Common App after hitting submit?

Urgent! I just submitted my Common App and then realized I forgot to include an important award. Is there any way to update the application after submission, or do I need to contact the colleges directly about this oversight?

8 months ago

Greetings! Once you've submitted your Common App, you aren't able to make changes to the materials you've sent to that particular college. However, if you've overlooked something significant, like an important award, reaching out to the admissions offices directly is both appropriate and recommended.

When you contact them, be concise and professional in your email, providing the necessary detail about the award you neglected to include. Attach any relevant documentation if you have it. Schools typically understand that small oversights can happen and appreciate your initiative to correct them.

As an example, if the award you missed is a regional science fair recognition, you could explain the nature of the competition, your project, and the level at which you were recognized. This adds clarity for the admissions committee. Best of luck with your applications!

8 months ago

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