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What's the math section like on the PSAT?

Hey folks! So I've heard that the PSAT is a bit different in structure from the SAT, especially when it comes to math. Can someone tell me how many math questions are on the PSAT and what kinds of topics I should be focusing on? Are we talking more algebra, geometry...? Trying to organize my study sessions to be efficient with the time I have.

8 months ago

Hi there! Absolutely, happy to help. The PSAT Math section is a bit different from the SAT but still follows a similar format. You'll find that the PSAT Math section has 48 questions, which is broken into two parts: the calculator section and the no-calculator section. The first part allows the use of a calculator and has 31 questions, while the second part consists of 17 questions where the calculator is not permitted.

Regarding the topics, expect a strong focus on algebra and problem-solving. Geometry and trigonometry are also present, but to a lesser extent. Some of the specific content areas you'll see include linear equations, systems of equations, and functions. It would be beneficial to work on interpreting data from charts and graphs, as these types of questions are common as well. To be most efficient with your study time, I recommend you start with algebraic concepts and then branch out to other areas. Good luck with your prep!

8 months ago

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