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Can anyone explain what a 1200 on the PSAT means for college prep?

So, I got a 1200 on my PSAT and I'm just trying to understand how that stacks up. Is this considered a good score if I'm aiming for top colleges? What should be my plan to improve for the actual SAT?

8 months ago

Congratulations on taking the initiative to understand where you stand with your PSAT score! A 1200 is a solid start, especially since the PSAT is a preliminary test and a benchmark for the SAT. However, if you’re targeting top-tier colleges, you’ll likely want to aim higher, as many of these institutions typically see SAT scores upwards of 1400. Keep in mind that each college has a different range of accepted scores, and you can find this information on their admissions websites or on resources like the College Board or CollegeVine.

For improving your SAT score, consider starting with an official SAT study guide or a reputable online platform, focusing on understanding the types of questions you found challenging on the PSAT. Additionally, practice tests can be incredibly beneficial as they help familiarize you with the format and timing of the SAT. Remember to review your answers and understand why you got questions wrong. Many students also find it helpful to have a study schedule, breaking down their preparation over the months leading up to the test. Stay persistent and use your PSAT score as a motivator for improvement. Best of luck!

8 months ago

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