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Can someone explain how recommenders work on Common App?

I'm super confused on the entire recommender system on the Common App. How exactly do I invite my teachers, and what do they need to do once I've sent an invite?

8 months ago

Happy to help clarify the recommender process for you! Once you've created your Common App account and have added your colleges, you'll be able to navigate to the 'Recommendations' section. Here, you'll see options to invite teachers, counselors, and other recommenders. You simply need to enter their email addresses as prompted, and the Common App system will send them an email invitation to complete your recommendation.

Once they accept, they will fill out some forms and upload their recommendation letter directly to the Common App. It's good practice to ask your teachers in person if they're willing to write you a recommendation before sending the invite through the Common App. That way, they know to look out for the email and understand the commitment.

After you've sent the invite, make sure to follow up with your recommenders to confirm that they've received the email and to provide any additional information they might need to write a strong recommendation for you. It's also courteous to give them a deadline that is a few weeks before your actual application deadline to ensure there's ample time for them to complete their part.

8 months ago

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