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If I miss the PSAT, what are my options?

So, I just found out I might not be able to take the PSAT due to a family situation. Is there a makeup date, or could I take it next year? What's the usual process here?

8 months ago

Understandably, missing the PSAT can cause some stress, but rest assured there are options available. Firstly, there is usually a makeup date for the PSAT offered by most schools, which typically occurs in late October or early November. You'll want to check with your school's guidance office to see if they're participating in the makeup date and if you can be accommodated.

If you’re in your junior year and you miss the PSAT, remember that it's the scores from this test that qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Program. However, if you're unable to attend both the primary and makeup dates, the College Board has an alternate entry process for the National Merit Scholarship Program that requires you to take the SAT by a certain deadline. You can find the details for this process on the National Merit Scholarship Corporation's website.

As for taking the PSAT next year, if you're currently a sophomore, you can take it again during your junior year without any issues. But if you're a junior, this would have been your last opportunity to take it for National Merit Scholarship purposes.

8 months ago

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