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What math topics should I study for the PSAT?

I want to start preparing for the PSAT, but I'm not sure which math concepts I need to review. Can anyone who's taken the PSAT give me a heads up on what types of math questions to expect?

8 months ago

Happy to help with this! The PSAT math section covers several key areas that also appear on the SAT: primarily algebra, problem-solving and data analysis, and some advanced math concepts. You'll want to ensure you're comfortable with linear equations, systems of equations, and manipulating algebraic expressions. Problem-solving and data analysis will test your ability to work with ratios, percentages, and proportional reasoning, as well as interpreting data from charts and graphs. As for advanced math, expect to see questions on quadratic equations and functions, as well as some basic trigonometric functions. Don't overlook geometry and trigonometry; while there is less emphasis on these topics compared to others, understanding the properties of shapes and how to work with angles can still net you a few vital points.

A great way to start is to review your math notes from the past school years and try some practice problems from each topic area. The College Board, which administers the PSAT and SAT, offers practice materials and sample questions that you can use to familiarize yourself with the types of math questions found on the PSAT. As you practice, take note of any areas where you struggle and focus your study there. Good luck with your preparation!

8 months ago

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